Online Training:

1. Do I need to have any previous experience in trading and are there any prerequisites?
Not at all! There are no pre- requisites for our training. We cover everything from the basics to the advanced. Our trainings are designed for many different leveled students ranging from beginners with no knowledge at all to experienced traders simply looking for new ways they can grow and improve.
2. How long is my online course account active for?
-Your account will be active for a total of 6 months from your initial register date.
3. Why is access limited to 6 months for the Online Training
-We’re heavily driven on accepting only the most dedicated individuals looking to develop their skills in trading. No frills, no fluff, this is more than your typical online course, but rather a engaging interactive experience where we believe 6 months is more than enough time to complete the training and help you achieve your trading goals!
4. Do you guys offer different leveled trader courses ranging from beginners course or a more advanced course? Or is one course enough?
-Our course covers everything needed to excel as a confident successful Stock trader. We go over everything from the basics to the advanced, stressing not only the accelerated topics but even the fundamentals which everyone needs to have a mastered understanding of.
5. Can I still access this course from a country outside the U.S?
-Yes, of course! Our course is available to individuals all across the world, regardless of location.
6. How many weeks is this program?
-This is a 10 week intensive program. Each week will focus on different course topics carefully structured to drive results.
7. What level of traders is this course suitable for?
-The training has been carefully structured to accommodate all leveled traders. Ranging from beginners with absolutely no previous knowledge regarding Stocks, to experienced traders looking to take their trading to the next level, we’ve got you covered!
8. What type of ‘’assignments’’ are assigned during the training.
-Members are encouraged to compete specified assignments to give them a chance to actually APPLY training concepts and get comfortable with the new strategies/topics discussed. The homework consists of trades on the platform whilst analyzing certain stock charts. This further gives our students a more hands on approach in trading while practicing and learning from mistakes.
9. How many students do you accept per registration period?
-We’re dedicated towards individual results, and to further enhance this goal we only accept limited members of 100 per month.
10. Is there an age requirement for our trainings
Our training is open to everyone! As long as the willingness to learn is there, the training is open to all.

Traders Group-Chat:

1. Can I join the Traders Group-Chat if I didn’t take the training?
-Our Traders Group Chat is exclusively for members who have taken our training.
2. Does my online course purchase provide me access to the traders group chat?
-Our traders group chat is a separate subscription based service for our members. However, with your online training purchase you will receive limited free access.

Traders Webinars:

1. What if I am unable to attend a webinar?
Our Online Webinars, which is accessible to training members only, are held usually twice a week to go over any questions students may have and discuss certain topics. If unable to attend, the webinars are recorded and posted in the Group-Chat so students may re watch at their own convenience.