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    So, What is Stock Market Lab?

    No Matter Your Experience with Trading, Stock Market Lab has got your BACK.

    Our training is designed for all leveled traders, whether you’re a complete newbie or someone who’s been trading for months. We’ve got you covered.

    Complete OUTLINE of What You’re Signing Up For:

    Online E-Learning Platform
    Watch training videos, listen to recordings or read the textbook. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world!
    Traders Chat
    Join an energetic community of 1,000+ traders on the same wavelength as you. Trading is lonely when you’re surrounded by “normal people” who just don’t get it. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!
    Traders Forum
    Get personalized mentorship from experts who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. All courses include weekly Q&A calls, recordings, student interviews, live stream sessions, and 24/7/365 support.
    Weekly Webinars
    We hold several webinars on a regular basis for our traders to make sure they are all on the same path and understand the concepts properly.

    All the EXTRA’S

    you didn’t even know you needed
    Continued Education
    Live trade breakdowns constantly updated on a weekly basis.
    Weekly Webinars
    Regular webinars held by our traders to keep you on track.
    Traders Forum
    Resource center for traders in their learning process.
    Traders Toolkit
    Boxset of physical training materials delivered to you
    Traders Chat
    Active community to trade together and exchange trade ideas.

    Comprehensive Training at Your Own Pace

    Seeing real trading results seems complicated, and you may be frustrated, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We start from the complete basics to build a strong foundation and then work our way from there.

    Training breakdown, Traders forum and discord onboarding, The rage to mastery.

    Part 9 – Trading Strategies

    Intro to trading strategies, Trading style breakdown, Deciding what to trade, Trading Strategies, Options trading, Stock trading, Umar’s trading style, Identifying your trading style

    Part 0 – Stocks Introduction

    Part 1 is all about building a solid foundation. In a series of videos, we will discuss:

    Anatomy of the Stock Market – Anatomy of Trading – Good Trader VS Bad Trader – Trading Lingo – Short selling – Market Participants – Different Type of stocks – What moves the market

    Part 10 – Building a watchlist

    Intro to building a watchlist, Pre-market movers, Building a master watchlist

    Part 1 – Options introduction

    Options breakdown, anatomy of options, Options greeks, Flipping premiums

    Part 11 – Trade Management
    In Part 11 we’ll talk about Trade management. Starting with an Intro to Trade Management, and then a series of videos on Entry and Exit Points, Scaling in and out, Journaling each trade, Cutting losses quickly or effectively.
    Part 2 – Trading Platform
    In Part 2, we build upon that foundation by getting to know your trading platform. Different platforms will be available to you at your convenience. With a series of videos including, – Anatomy of the Stock Market – Anatomy of Trading – Good Trader VS Bad Trader – Trading Lingo – Short selling – Market Participants – Different Type of stocks – What moves the market
    Part 12.1 and 12.2 – Day Trading Set Ups

    Intro to day trading setups, Day trading steps, Examples of day trading setups

    Part 3 – Price Action Breakdown
    In Part 3, we begin to break down price action with a series of videos. Those of which include, Intro to price action Chart reading, Anatomy of candlesticks, Volume analysis, Support and resistance, Trends, Gaps, Chart phases, Supply and demand zones, Putting it in action!
    Part 13 – Swing Trading Setups

    Intro to swing trading setups, Swing trading steps, Examples of swing trading setups

    Part 4 – Chart Patterns

    Part 4: All about Chart Patterns!

    Breakdown of all chart patterns, becoming a pattern recognition Machine, Putting it in action

    Part 14 – Understanding Your Mind

    Intro to trading psychology, Your trading partner, Traders mental blind spots, understanding heuristics and biases, Loss aversion, Mastering your mind

    Part 5 – Mastering Price Action
    In Part 5 we teach you how to master price action. In a series of videos which include Multiple Time Frame Analysis, Mastering Candlestick Patterns, Mastering Candlestick Formations, Knowing your trading environment, Mastering breakout and breakdowns, Mechanisms of Traps, Advanced Charting, Fibonacci Retracements, Reading the Tape and then Putting it in Action!
    Part 15 – Trading and Emotions

    Intro to trading emotions, Fear in trading,

    Hope in trading, Greed in trading, Other emotions in trading, Emotional Hijacking, Emotional Intelligence, Steps to mastering your emotions

    Part 6 – Technical Indicators
    Part 6 focuses on technical indicators. Start off with an Intro to technical indicators and then working it into a series of videos with: Average true range (ATR), ADX, Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, VWAP, and then Putting it in action!
    Part 16 – Developing a Traders Mindset

    Intro to developing a traders mindset, Developing a framework, Thinking like a trader, The magic pill for traders, Mindfulness, Traders well being

    Part 7 – Risk Management
    In Part 7 you’ll learn everything you need to know about managing your risk. First with an Intro to risk management, and then working into a series of videos of Risk to reward ratio, Position sizing, Risk management rules, and Creating a money management plan.
    Part 17 – Designing your Trading Plan

    What is a trading plan, Questions to ask yourself, Developing your trading plan

    Part 8 – Other Things to know

    The basics of fundamental analysis, The basics of economics, Understanding catalyst, Sectors, Understanding SEC Filings, Understanding penny stocks, Pump and dumps, Understanding the spread

    Part 18 – It’s Showtime

    It’s your time to shine and get started. Closing off the chapter and getting you completely prepped up for the markets.

    Our Students Have Generated Over $2.5 Million in Trading Profits
    What Some of our Members say about Stock Market Lab:
    Rob Henderson
    Ronald Owen
    Shahboz Zikiryaev

    Let’s Adress the Elephant in the Room:

    How much does the training cost? (video coming soon)

    Got Questions? We’ve got Answers!
    Is the training beginner friendly?
    There are no pre-requisites for our training. We cover everything from the basics to the advanced. Complete newbies with no previous knowledge are welcome!
    I am an experienced trader, is this for me?
    We cover topics from the basics to the advanced. Also, our traders forum and continued education is designed to keep our traders well-equipped and one step ahead for the ever changing market conditions!
    I am a full-time student/full-time worker is this training for me?
    The full training is pre-recorded so there is no schedule you need to follow. The training is designed to be 10 Weeks long as an average time period, however you will have one full year access to view the videos anytime, anywhere.
    Which brokers do your members use?
    U.S. residents use Think or Swim by TD Ameritrade and international members (outside the U.S) use Interactive Brokers. A full breakdown of both of the platforms is covered in the training!
    What if I am an international student (outside the U.S), can I still join?
    Of course! Our training is suitable for all locations and the content can be applied to international markets as well. We currently have members from 40+ countries!
    How does the pricing structure work?
    There is just a one upfront cost for the 10-week online training, all of the features outlined above are included for free for one year access! No hidden fees or upsells .
    Can you guarantee that I'll be successful after taking this training?
    We can guarantee that we will give you all the information needed in order to succeed but it all depends on what you do with that knowledge. If you’re willing to put in the required work and effort, you will surely come out as a confident and successful trader.


    WARNING: Before you consider joining the Stock Market Lab team you must understand that this is NOT for everybody, this is only for people serious about getting started in trading for long term success and are willing to invest in growing this skillset.

    We’ll provide you with all of the information, but to truly get your trading skills skyrocketing we need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that please don’t waste our time.

    But if you are ready to kick your trading into overdrive and skyrocket this skillset, enter your email and join the team!

    By the way we recommend you do this quickly. Our training only has a limited number of slots available for  each month and they’re filling up fast. Not to mention that we have a waitlist filled with individuals looking to join us QUICK.

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    If you’re serious about trading, I’m truly confident Stock Market Lab would be able to take you through your trading journey.


    Umar Ashraf
    Founder and Head Trader
    Stock Market Lab